by Mackenzie Patel Vargas Any pre-history or early history of Brazil is unknown, but artifacts and cave paintings have been found that are 11,000 years old! However, people could have lived in Brazil as long as 30,000 years ago. The natives of Brazil, the Tupinamba Indians, lived in patrilineal villages on the East… Read More

by I visited Spain this past summer and this was my exact itinerary (except the Montserrat trip). If you have any questions on where I went or where I stayed, please leave a comment below. Day 1: TRAVEL DAY—fly to Madrid ·         International Airlines: American Airlines                                              Malaysia                                              Air France                                              Singapore Airlines… Read More

by Hello all! Here is a video about the Aqueducts of Segovia that I visited this summer. Do you live here or have you visited them? Send me a video of your experience and I can possibly it upload to my YouTube channel. What’s it like to actually live in Segovia and see this monumental… Read More

by Brief History of Italy (up to WW II)   Migrations from Indo-Europeans probably occurred in the 2000s BCE, but historians are not exactly sure who they were or where they migrated from. The earliest records of Italian history date back to 5th century BCE with the Greek colonies on the Italian Mainland and Sicily… Read More